Culture improvement

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”
– Peter Drucker

Every organization strives for more increased performance and higher profitability and the key to achieving these goals lies in your people. If your staff are happy, motivated and engaged at work they are more likely to give their best. Unfortunately, the reverse of these conditions are also true. The cost of disengaged people in the workplace is huge. Relationship breakdown and dysfunctional conflict contribute to one of the largest hidden business costs.

BP2W® Diagnostic creates a stronger sense of unity and identity for teams and a ‘needs met’ culture resulting in individuals becoming more accountable, collaborative and receptive to feedback. 

According to CIPD research, employees lose an average of 12 days per year when their needs are unmet, causing them to become off-focus. Read More

The Bp2w Diagnostic

Be assured that our diagnostic tool is crafted to ease your workload. We can assist you in establishing a work environment that fulfills needs, ensures employees feel heard, supported, and motivated.

The Bp2w® diagnostic fosters greater individual ownership, resulting in fewer people problems and affording you more time for other essential tasks.

bp2w® offers thorough analytics and reporting for tracking initiative success and informing data-driven decisions.

This real-time solution delivers swift, measurable outcomes, cultivating collaborative relationships and ultimately boosting engagement, productivity, and profitability.

Here are the benefits you can derive from using the Diagnostic products and services: Read More

Bp2w® has been recognized with a 2024 Global Recognition Award(TM),
marking a significant milestone

Bp2w® Solution

Our complimentary mood@work diagnostic serves as your Level 1 Introduction to bp2w®—an innovative tool designed to assess the emotional atmosphere of your workplace.
Level 2 initiates your remedy journey, utilizing cutting-edge technology to transform employee engagement across 7 key indicators.
At Level 3, bp2w® offers self-managed solutions and activities.
Level 4, satisfaction@work, is where engaged employees continue to drive performance.
bp2w® diagnostic not only measures satisfaction and engagement levels but also provides actionable solutions.
Ideal for proactive problem identification, preventing issues from escalating into crises.

Let us help you take guess work out of leadership by offering tangible insights“

The Three Bp2w® Assessment Tools

Human Resources Engagement (hr@work diagnostic)

A crucial tool providing valuable insights into employee performance, retention, engagement, and key metrics.

Unleash the full potential of your workforce and pave the way for your organization’s triumph“

Used for:

● The hr@work initiative aims to spotlight these areas, striving to align business strategy with employee requirements.
● To support this alignment, the hr@work diagnostic tool has been specially crafted, offering HR professionals a thorough overview of their organization’s human resources and recruitment endeavors.
● Through the use of hr@work, HR professionals can acquire valuable insights to optimize their workforce and boost organizational success.

Become part of the expanding community of HR professionals who are making informed decisions and proactively optimizing their workforce by leveraging hr@work.

Employer Engagement (business@work diagnostic)

This diagnostic evaluates the alignment of business objectives with employee engagement.

“Gain valuable insights into your business’s operational status via Bp2w® diagnostic tool“

Used for:

● By leveraging business@work, you can optimize your operations and cultivate a thriving work environment.
● Address your business’s specific needs to nurture a positive workplace culture, improve productivity, and enhance employee satisfaction.
● Understanding how your employees perceive the business strategy and their position in your journey aids in making the right decisions to guide business operations.

Together, we can create a workplace that inspires and empowers. Join us today to revolutionize the way you evaluate and enhance your workplace.

Employee Engagement (mood@work diagnostic)

The diagnostic concentrates on the individual needs of both the business and the employee.

Mood@work provides valuable insights into employees’ emotional well-being, offering a comprehensive assessment of the organizational emotional climate. This helps identify areas for improvement and address issues affecting employee well-being.

The Mood@Work Diagnostic comprehensively addresses the seven primary indicators of Transformational Change:

● Openness
● Feedback
● Motivation 
● Managing Differences
● Ownership
● Conflict Resolution
● Feeling Valued