Who we Are

The team at the Centre of International Executive Education and Development (CIEED) leverages extensive experience acquired in diverse professional environments (public, private, and not-for-profit) and the education sector. This experience contributes to a profound understanding of how learning and development can significantly impact both individuals and organizations. CIEED provides a distinctive array and combination of learning and development initiatives designed to cultivate current and future leaders and managers into proficient professionals and executives. The primary goal is to ensure they optimize:

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Our Activities


CiEED comprises a team of highly skilled professionals, each bringing their unique expertise and specialties, with the majority possessing a background in organizational development and the cultivation of individuals in professional settings. We share a collective passion for aiding individuals and organizations in unlocking their full potential within the workplace through personal and professional development. Our focus includes enhancing employability, boosting personal confidence, improving performance, refining management and leadership capabilities, and fostering enterprise acumen, skills, and entrepreneurialism.

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Employers now emphasize a heightened workplace focus for their employees, seeking a more direct connection between academic and professional learning and development and actual workplace performance and capabilities. The demand is for individuals who are not only highly competent in their specific professional or vocational fields but also possess effective management and leadership skills. Understanding workplace dynamics, extracting optimal performance from individuals, and deploying refined business acumen have become crucial requirements across various professional disciplines. These attributes contribute to greater individual impact and performance, subsequently elevating organizational competitiveness.


The partners at CiEED each possess over 20 years of experience either working within educational institutions or collaborating with them, all aimed at bridging the gap between formal, structured learning and real-world application in the workforce. On one front, our goal is to assist students and graduates in better preparing for meaningful engagement and contribution in professional settings. Simultaneously, we provide support and guidance to individuals seeking to advance to higher academic levels, such as degrees, masters, and doctorates, as well as professional qualifications. Our assistance includes guidance and support in elevating their professional standing, including the attainment of chartered status.

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Our clients are our partners and our priority.