About Performance Inspired

Welcome to Performance Inspired, where our primary focus is assisting organizations in enhancing and optimizing employee and organizational effectiveness. We specialize in helping businesses and professionals improve their productivity, efficiency, and overall performance.

Throughout the years, we have forged successful partnerships with various associates across Europe and America. These partnerships have not only provided bespoke solutions but also established trust and confidence, solidifying our brand as a formidable force.

Performance Inspired (PI) offers a comprehensive array of transformational diagnostic tools and resources that lead to lasting change. Our specialized services promote openness, trust, and collaboration, fostering an environment conducive to improved productivity. Our approach empowers teams to work more efficiently, effectively, and collaboratively, resulting in better outcomes for all involved, with positive impact on performance measures or the bottom line.

Our role includes assessing current practices, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing tailored strategies to drive positive change.


PI provides invaluable support to clients striving to achieve their goals, assisting organizations and their employees in reaching their full potential. Success is achieved when organizations function effectively as a whole, within teams, and through individual efforts.

Our team of consultants, trainers, and facilitators possess extensive experience working within various sectors (private, public, and not-for-profit) as both former employees and external providers/facilitators.

Let us collaborate with you to enhance profitability while boosting employee engagement and reducing staff turnover. We can also project your Return on Investment to aid critical decision-making during change planning.

At Performance Inspired, we have an extensive range of solutions and techniques to draw upon. We work with established, proven, and tested partners and associates.

Allow the Performance Inspired team to support your organization and its employees in achieving greater success. 

We are recruiting!

We have exciting opportunities in Nigeria for experienced and successful OD practitioners, management consultants, and training providers/facilitators. If you fit any of these profiles and are interested in contributing to our expanding on-ground presence in Nigeria and West Africa, we would be delighted to hear from you.