Organizational Transformation

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Let Performance Inspired work with you in conducting a thorough investigation of your organizational performance and offer tailored solution that will establish a shared vocabulary, a unified approach, and alignment with your overall Business Strategy.

Our diagnostic tools delves into how current practices impact business performance, analyses the disparities between current practices and what is required to achieve results aligned with the Business Strategy.

They then provide practical and achievable recommendations for success.

Why invest time and money in traditional data gathering methods, involving teams of consultants talking to staff, only to produce a report that often reaffirms what you already know?

Our selective range of diagnostics tools offer practical solutions at a fraction of the cost and time, focusing on helping you achieve future goals more quickly and with greater success.

Our Tools

The Verax OTI Diagonostic Tool


The Organizational Transitions (OTI) functions as an extensive diagnostic tool employed to assess factors that either support or impede organizational success. It conducts a gap analysis aligned with your Strategic Profile, primarily concentrating on improving profitability and performance. Its applications and objectives encompass:

Diagnosis of:

● Causes of business success and failure.
● Understanding the internal dynamics of the business and their impact on results.
●Strategic Objectives Gap Analysis.
● Evaluation of the appropriateness of the organizational culture.

The Verax CSVS Diagnostic

The Competitive Strategy Viability System (CSVS) operates as a thorough tool for performing a gap analysis within the marketplace. It aligns with your Strategic Profile to evaluate the efficacy of your market strategy and its influence on business outcomes. Its objectives encompass:

Used for the purpose of:
● Diagnosing the effectiveness of the actual competitive strategy in the marketplace.
● Identifying specific strengths and weaknesses in comparison to competitors.
● Specifying precise actions to enhance competitiveness.
● Identifying whether your strategy is achieving its intended outcomes.


Acquire a thorough comprehension of the monetary value that your diverse HR initiative contributes to your company through our meticulous and research-driven online approach

We can help calculate the financial return on your investment.

Calculating ROI

Through calculating the financial ROI on your interventions, you can now confidently determine the value solutions bring to your business, ensuring a cost-effective and impactful outcome.

We are here to assist you:
● Calculate the financial return on investment for any training, coaching, development, or organizational change program.
● Evaluate the value or contribution in financial terms of any training course, development, coaching, or organizational change program.
● Compare the effectiveness of different suppliers/providers of training or consulting services.
● Assess the effectiveness of various training or development programs.

This approach solidifies the position of HR/L&D as a true business partner.

Human Capital Measurement

Through the use of our diagnostic tools you unleash the full potential of your workforce and pave the way for your organization’s triumph.

Beyond Engagement

Human Capital Measurement goes beyond engagement to assign a financial value to the contributions made by employees, both as a collective and as individuals. This metric offers a precise assessment of productivity, examining organizational and personal factors that either support or hinder profit, productivity, and overall contribution.

While having an engaged workforce is undoubtedly beneficial, it’s important to note that engagement, defined as the nature of the relationship between employer and employee, and doesn’t automatically ensure that employees are making the right contributions aligned with the organization’s strategy.

We are here to assist you: 

● Analyze financial contribution made by the organization’s human resources.
● Evaluate financial contribution made by the organization’s human resources
● Evaluating changes in the contribution of the organization’s human resource.

Human capital measurement enables organization to quickly  establish optimal conditions for heightened productivity