The PEP Family

Personal Effectiveness Profile

Successful individuals excel in adjusting their behavior to minimize misunderstandings, enabling them to attain goals and cultivate mutually satisfying relationships. The ability to adapt is strongly linked to job effectiveness, success, and the accomplishment of results

Personal Effectiveness Profile (PEP)

Our diagnostic analysis illustrates the direct influence of current adaptability levels on the outcomes produced by your team. This precision enhances the effectiveness of development programs, ensuring a clear and targeted approach to the future of the business.

The Pep Family

PEP-Choices (PEP-C)

PEP C Diagnostic primarily aims to empower young individuals to excel in the contemporary world, preparing them for the workforce and enabling them to become valuable contributors to their employers or successful entrepreneurs in the future.

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360 & Self-Assessment

The 360 self-assessment proves valuable in enhancing relationships, fostering adaptability, and achieving alignment between personal and organizational goals.

It analysis individual behavior, reasoning and emotional intelligence and its impact on results, effectiveness, potential, change and coping with pressure.

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Sales Effectiveness Profile

The Sales Effectiveness Profile elevates sales efficiency, facilitates personal development, and enhances the adaptability of sales professionals.

Sales and Customer Service Effectiveness – Similar to PEP 360 but specifically researched for Sales and Customer Service Staff.

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